Welcome to Bryanston Square Gardens
Bryanston Square Trust Photography Contest
Submit your entries here to the Bryanston Square Trust photography contest! Winning photographs will be presented on the Bryanston Square Garden website. Feel free to make multiple submissions and remember that only photos taken in landscape format can be used. Please submit photos as JPG files.
We are pleased to show you our beautiful corner of London and tell you about the garden, its history, and its rules for parties and events. Bryanston Square Gardens are for the exclusive enjoyment of private Residents around the square. We are blessed to have such a beautiful garden at our doorstep, and each of us who enters the garden has a duty of care to follow a set of rules to preserve and protect it for years to come. We hope that you find all the information you need and that you enjoy browsing the gallery or reading about the garden, but should you require anything further, we encourage you to get in touch via our Contact page.

By agreement of the Trustees, all key fob holders who do not pay their annual Garden Rates will have their keys deactivated. To reinstate your key, please contact Westbourne Management at: info@wb19.co.uk.


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