Garden Security 

The security and the safety of the garden are extremely important, and we make sure that this is held to the highest standards. The entrances to the garden are locked with an automatic SALTO lock system. This lock can only be opened if you have a fob specifically for this garden. This system was installed in 2015 as it is more secure than a key system. These fobs cannot be copied. We update this system every 4/5 years to make sure it stays secure, and so that only those who are eligible for a garden fob can use the garden.

Trustee Bryanston Square keys are only available to those who live on the square. There are also non-trustee keys that are available to those who live on Portman Estate.

If you would like to know more information on how to obtain a fob for the garden, please get in touch with the managing agents. They can be contacted through the form on our Contact page or via the details at the bottom of every page.


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