Garden Rules
This garden is not open to the public.
(Act of Parliament 1813:54 Geo III Cap 5)

The garden is for the private use of the residents of Bryanston Square and other authorized keyholders. Please help us to keep it agreeable and safe for all who use it by observing these Rules.

  • The garden is designed to provide a place of tranquil pleasure for all residents, therefore the following are forbidden:
    • Dogs
    • Ball games and similar activities
    • Motorised toys of any kind
    • Radios and other audio devices
    • Bicycles, skateboards, children’s pedal cars, etc.
    • Barbecues
    • Fires and fireworks
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for ensuring that they do not cause any disturbance or damage.
  • The playground is reserved for children up to 7 years of age.
  • Please help preserve our lawns, paths and flower beds by:
    • Lifting chairs, rather than dragging them
    • Replacing chairs at the path side after use
    • Not walking on the flowerbeds
    • Not picking the flowers
  • We aim to encourage the right sort of birds! Therefore do not feed the pigeons.
  • Please take your litter with you, and always lock the gates when entering and leaving.
  • No parties may be held in the garden without the prior permission of the Executive committee of the Trust.
  • Persons using the garden do so at their own risk. The Trustees will not accept liability for any loss or injury however caused.


Thank you for observing these rules; please encourage others to observe them too.

By order of the Trustees.


Parties in Bryanston Square Gardens

It is the party organisers’ responsibility to ensure that any guest who has access to the garden understands all of the garden rules and regulations and abides by them. Remember please, no music. Please also note that ball games in the garden are OK for children, but not adults. All parties require permission from the board, and they are to be booked through Westbourne Block Management. Fees will be payable for this privilege.


There are no toilet facilities in the garden. Party organisers are requested to ensure that toilet facilities are provided for their guests at their own parties.


The gate must never be left open or unattended.


Anything brought into the garden must be taken away at the end of the party.


No glass whatsoever should be brought into the garden. Please use plastic cups, not wine glasses or glass tumblers.


Noise must be kept to a reasonable level. The party organiser is responsible for ensuring that the party is not a nuisance.

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